Spa/Therapy Services


Massage Therapy

We invite you to come experience a variety of massage techniques from our trained, licensed massage therapist, including:

  • Deep Tissue
  • Relaxation
  • Sports Therapy

Our standard rate is $1 per minute for up to 120 minutes and same day appointments are available!


Treatment Pricing: $65.00/Hour
Miltary Discount: $45.00/Hour


30 Minute Treatment: $30.00
1 Hour Treatment: $60.00

Our treatment sessions are available Monday – Friday from 8am – 8pm. Evening and weekend appointments are available upon request.

Metabolic Testing

Do you want to know EXACTLY how many calories your body uses at rest? How about knowing the type of calories your body burns in a workout? Exercise Physiologist, Mira Rasmussen, uses state-of-the art equipment to test your personal fitness level and metabolic rate. When you understand the physiology of your body, every workout counts towards you goals!

To schedule your metabolic testing, please call (512) 481-8868.

Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment

In order to lose, maintain, or gain weight you have to know the amount of calories YOUR body actually needs. Metabolic assessment is the only way to identify this number with accuracy. Estimates vary at best and can lead to wasted dieting efforts. Actually measuring your resting metabolic rate, through indirect calorimetry, provides the knowledge you need to be satisfied in your nutrition program.

RMR Treatment: $75.00
RMR + VO2 Treatments: $160.00

VO2 Max Assessment

Achieving your fitness goal is in reach with a VO2 Max assessment. If you want to lose weight, improve your fitness ability or know how healthy your heart and lungs really are, this metabolic assessment is your roadmap to success. By measuring your heart rates and oxygen consumption, this test will determine what type of calories your body burns at different intensity levels. This information enables you to make every workout one that leads directly towards your goals instead of wasting valuable time in the gym.

VO2 Treatment: $100.00
VO2 + RMR Treatments: $160.00